Do You Want to Double Your Bitcoins?

Create your own videoblog in a couple of clicks and spread the word about Bitcoin with video!

Why Bitcoin?

The more people all over the worl use Bitcoin, the faster grows its rate and the cost of your coins!

Why is that? Because Bitcoin has strict quantity limit: there can be only 21 000 000 coins minted with speed of 12.5 BTC per every 10 minutes. This way with eevery Bitcoin bought its price grows automatically and can reach evem $1 000 000 in the future!

Why Video Marketing?

Nowdays almost 80% of Internet traffic is video and YouTube is #2 search engine by the quantity of searches.

Do you agree with the proverb: A picture paints a thousand words? Thats right! It is much easier to view a video than read long-long text even professionally copywrited.

Why Video Blog?

Your own videoblog will help you to:

  • promote your business over the Internet by using video and make money;
  • start doing it without a need to buy domain name, hosting, create your own website by yourself or paying someone else to do it for you;
  • promote several companies, projects, goods or services simultaneously because you can add unlimited quantity of YouTube videos to your videoblog;
  • send just ONE link to your potential customers or partners instead of dozen;
  • start using the whole power of video marketing for promoting your business even without your own YouTube videos and YouTube channel;
  • recieve 100% of your viewers attention to your videos because unlike YouTube they will see JUST YOUR videos!
  • add affiliate links and edit call-2-action button which lays under it to convert viewers into customers and partners;
  • promote your added videos through our portal with satoshi which you will get by viewing videos by other videobloggers;

One Video - Several Landing Pages

By adding just one video to your videoblog you will get several templates of it: videopost, videoreview, videolanding and even Hangout webinar!

One-2-One or One-2-Eight Video Calls

Video call up to 8 of your friends, partners or customers from your videoblog directly even without knowing their Skype login, Viber or WhatsUp.

Double Your Bitcoins with Videoblog

Every added video to your video blog automatically creates your own affiliate link to our portal. Everytime someone click your link and decides to create their own videoblog they buy access key from your you and you get 100% of it cost directly to your Bitcoin wallet without any additional action from your side.

This thereby doubles your initial investment in creating of your own blog again and again!